Why keep paying rent when you can buy a lot from Cayetano? The American Dream has never been easier to achieve.

No credit? No problem! With Cayetano, you may buy your new lot through our seller financing program, which means there are no credit checks and no banks involved.

All you need to be closer to owning your own lot is a valid ID:

  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Tarjeta Consular

Within a few weeks you could literally own a piece of American land, including water, electricity and sewage connections, with a fixed-rate mortgage loan product which includes:

  • Low down-payments
  • Reasonable interest rates
  • Budget-friendly monthly payments
  • An open contract, allowing you to pay off your lot early, saving on interest, without any penalties
  • An escrow account, through which Cayetano keeps your property taxes in custody and pays them on your behalf, making sure you stay in good standing with the taxing authorities

In addition, you will have a variety of options to make your monthly payment, including:

  • By mail with check or money order
  • Bank Draft (ACH)
  • At certain retailers like Walmart and HEB
  • Online on our website

Cayetano Development is a Registered Mortgage Loan Originator (RMLO) and licensed by the NMLS (Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System). Call to schedule your appointment today!

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